Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Written and directed by Ant Stones

Performed at The Pleasance, Brighton Festival and Theatre Delicatessen.

A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Play


Eleanor  Will you take them off?

Matty  Don’t you like the look?

Eleanor  They’re my favourite pyjamas.

Matty  And now I’m your favourite boy. Within your favourite pyjamas.

Eleanor  You’re not my favourite boy and now they’re not my favourite pyjamas.

Matty  I’ve got my pants on.

Eleanor  Thank god for that.

Matty  You want to see them?

Eleanor  No. I-

Driver  Sorry, laddy, but you’re going to have to keep those on. These seats aren’t wipe-clean, you know. Although, I had that horsey one from Made in Chelsea in the back, once. Left a pair of frilly knickers in the back. Bit weird. But as I always say, when life gives you lemons… put them on eBay.

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