Robin Hood

Written for The Guildford Shakespeare Company

Performed in the open-air.


Little John. The youth approaching me wanted to cross the stream. He clearly didn’t want to splash his dainty slippers, but I wasn’t moving from my log for no man.

Robin. We exchanged witty remarks for a while.

Little John. I was wittier.

Robin. I was more handsome.

Little John. But soon enough, we knew we’d have to fight.

The men begin to re-enact the fight. Perhaps the truth of the situation gives way to a mutual love for the game.

Robin. This giant was an imposing presence. He was as powerful as he was ugly.

Little John. This weakling stood no chance. I deflected his weak blows without breaking a sweat.

Robin. This man-mountain could never match me for speed.

Little John. My superior reach almost made it too easy.

Robin. He fell for every feint and trick.

Little John. But I managed to crack his head easy enough.

Robin. And as I fell into the water…

Little John. He swiped my legs…

Robin. And…

Both men fall to the floor.

Robin. Seeing that he was clearly defenceless without me, I promised to take him in.

Little John. And I swore to teach him the ways of the forest.

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