Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Written for The Guildford Shakespeare Company

Performed in a Spiegeltent.


SQUIRE  Oh, Rapunzel, Rapunzel.

RAPUNZEL Mother? Are you back so soon?

Rapunzel looks out of the window and discovers the squire.

RAPUNZEL  Oh… You’re not my mother… You’re… You’re… No, sorry. What are you?

SQUIRE  I am your knight in shining armour, my lady. Surely you have been kept here against your will and I must rescue you.

RAPUNZEL  What? Are you a knight?

SQUIRE  Well, I guess I’m technically on work experience, but I’ve been taking a course at knight-school. It’s only a few terms till my chivalry exams.

RAPUNZEL  And then you’ll be a knight?

SQUIRE  There’s another three years of further study, possibly a year of placements within the different orders. I was thinking of taking a year out in France, but I’ve not decided yet. It’s funny, actually…


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